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I Know That You "Know", But You Don't Know That You Don't "Know"

Published by Matthew Terry in Wrestling · 4/3/2019 14:22:18

For a demographic that is categorized as "smart", wrestling fans can be really, really dumb.  I mean, sometimes they could could to jail if they actually knew the things they think, or pretend, they know.

Most recent case in point, the IWC is screaming (Seriously.  It's all on a computer screen, yet I can hear them yelling.  It's amazing.) over the fact that Arn Anderson is out of a job, yet Dana Warrior is apparently being groomed for a creative position within the women's division.

"Dana Warrior?!  She doesn't know anything about wrestling!"

"Dana Warrior with the women's division?  Isn't Dana Warrior a gu ... Oh my God!!  That's a chick??!!"

"Dana Warrior?!  Her husband was bat S^&* crazy and so is she!"

"Subtract Arn Anderson.  Add Dana Warrior.  Talk about an equation worthy of a black hole."

Want to know something funny (not funny)?  Three out of the four statements above are actually posted on social media by "people who know".*

One, and most obvious, that comes up so often with WWE and "What is Vince McMahon thinking?" scenarios.  Vince McMahon and the braintrust around him have built, and maintain, a billion dollar company.  Who the hell is anyone, on the outside looking in, to second guess what decisons they make?  Where the hell are your billions of dollars made in wrestling?  What qualifies you to out maneuver that company?  ("Well, no one will give me a chance.  I could double, no triple their ratings."  No.  No you can't.  And if you truly believe that.  THAT is the reason you haven't gotten "your shot".

Two, who among you has been following Dana Warrior to the point that you know her qualifications in wrestling.  Fact, Dana Warrior has been working for WWE from just about the time her husband passed.  (Matt, we KNOW she has only been an ambassador for WWE.)  Really?  You know that?  Or is that what you have read online?  Which may be true.  That may be her credited role.  But whose shoulder has she been looking over?  Whose ear has she been bending?  What learning trees has she been sitting under?  C'mon, tell me SMART people.  You know all this stuff.  You've apparently been stalking Dana Warrior at every turn.  In fact, the police should be alerted because I have just as much proof of your stalking activities that you do of the work Dana Warrior has put into wrestling.

Three (Two and a half, because we're branching off.)  "Matthew.  I don't appreciate you saying these things about me.  They're mean and hurt my feelings."  Yet "Oh my God! That's a chick??!!" (Yep.  One of the real ones.) is completely acceptable.  I get it.  You're having fun at the expense of a public figure.  Everyone does it, celebrities expect it, some even exploit it.  Yet, the IWC seems to get the most butt hurt when people call them out or suggest they are anything less than legit, knowledgable and/or special.  "It's just parody Matthew."  Yea, I don't think so.  When you guys say stuff like that, it always seems like a made up excuse.  A trap door or a safety net.

Four, I like Arn Anderson.  Long story short (might want to skip to the end because this is not wrestling related), I used to be a manager at a gas station.  If someone complained about something I would hit one single button and a FREE car wash would pop out my machine.  Always helped smooth things over.  Yet, that was NOT policy.  The owner was much more by the book and insisted we take hard stands and not give uo anything to complaining customers.  Who was right?  Neither one of us.  We just each had our ways about us, were really good at our jobs, but butted heads more than I can remember.  I'm not saying this relates in any way to Arn Anderson (because I don't KNOW), but it might.

It's not only wrestling.  Sometimes, people are blind to that fact.  Sports, movies, pop culture and even politics and religion have that sect of people that believe they know everything and can do it better than the people doing it right now.  Yet, like so many others, they watch the screen, read the paper or speak to those who listen, but never seem to arrive in the position that they are such an expert of.  Makes a man wonder.

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